Next Generation Creative Group | Worlds Fair for Kids
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Worlds Fair for Kids

About This Project

Jammin’ Kids
While working with Carnegie Mellon’s ETC, the founders of NGC led an effort to conceive, design, and produce this unique, multi-player interactive music-making attraction for the World’s Fair for Kid’s event in Orlando, Florida. Eight custom game stations, Jam-o-Drums, worked in concert to perform various parts of a synthesized orchestral concert. Guests at each station would play a different instrument; which, when combined with the other guests’ performances, would result in a complete piece of music. A live-puppeteered robot character hosted the attraction from a holographic, transparent display on the main stage area of the venue.

Stadium Pong
Also for the event, we conceived and designed an interactive preshow experience for the World’s Fair sports stadium. The team was challenged to create an intuitive game that would entertain the crowd and get them excited for the upcoming competition. The result: by leaning left or right in their seats, the stadium crowd would move giant pong paddles projected onto the stadium floor. A virtual soccer ball would bounce between the paddles while the audience participated in the world’s largest game of Pong. Super bright projectors with moving mirrors and real-time image warping maintained near-perfect projection geometry. And, yes, we really did Astroturf the ceiling of our office to prototype the game!


Worlds Fair for Kids