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Meltdown! Indoor Waterpark

About This Project

Thousands of years ago, a Great Ice Age covered Eastern Idaho and the Snake River Valley in snow and ice. The ancient glaciers that carved the Snake River have long since receded, but here in Idaho Falls, researchers have discovered a single remaining glacier that may shed light on the region’s geologic history. But, with rising temperatures around the globe, this massive block of ice may soon be reduced to a puddle of water. That’s where GSG, Glacial Science Group, steps in… they’ve been working to preserve this natural wonder beneath a giant climate controlled research facility. The GSG team is a colorful mix of hard-working scientists and free-spirited grad students, resulting in a wacky working environment where extreme fun always seems to trump real science.


This unorthodox research facility gives new meaning to the phrase, “work hard, play hard.” The massive equipment put in place by GSC has done well to preserve the glacier; but also pulls double duty powering the numerous water slides that have been “found” in the glacier. And so long as these geologic features are there, somebody might as well put them to good use.


Meltdown! Indoor Waterpark


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