Next Generation Creative Group | Lenny Larsen – CEO/Executive Producer
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Lenny Larsen – CEO/Executive Producer

About This Project

Lenny Larsen is an experienced executive, passionate storyteller, skilled designer, and veteran producer creating compelling experiences around the world in every conceivable medium that entertain, inspire, and amaze. From theatrical spectaculars and multi-billion-dollar theme parks to children’s television and cutting-edge technological innovations; Lenny is responsible for the conception, design, and often the execution of nearly 100 projects in 27 different countries. Lenny brings experience in nearly every facet of the entertainment industry; executive leadership, creative direction, writing, hands-on design, in-field/on-set direction and production, research and development, project management, even on-stage performance and front-line theme park operations.


An active supporter of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), Lenny also served seven years on the board of directors for the Western Division of the TEA and served as the producer for the 16th and 17th Annual Thea Awards and contributes to the annual SATE (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, and Experience) conference.