Next Generation Creative Group | Graham Hodgson – Architectural Designer
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Graham Hodgson – Architectural Designer

About This Project

Graham Hodgson is a passionate architectural designer and concept artist with the heart of a futurist and entertainer. He earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. His wildly conceptual solutions to complex architectural challenges, coupled with his spirited presentations often drew sizable crowds to his critiques.
In all of his work, Graham seeks to “enlighten the Human spirit” – to bring to light in each person the energy and passion which stirs within their soul. Graham loves to induce wonder, awe, the joy of life, and even a laugh in all those he touches.


While working with Ruck/Pate Architecture, Graham brought his skills to the development of designs for residences, schools and churches in the Chicagoland area. In 2007, Graham relocated to California to work with architect Rick Solberg on projects for Landmark Entertainment Group. Quickly earning a reputation in the Southern California architectural community, he contributes to theme parks, museums, and other leisure venues, as well as private residences and commercial properties. As the primary architectural designer for Next Generation Creative, Graham provides the architectural experience and vision required by the group’s unique projects.


Architectural Designer