Next Generation Creative Group | Ben Buchwald – Technology Director
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Ben Buchwald – Technology Director

About This Project

A modern day wizard with both hardware and software, Ben Buchwald is recognized throughout the industry as one of the best emerging technology developers in the business. Ben never misses an opportunity to create entertainment magic using cutting-edge technology. With the logic core of a computer and the heart of an artist, Ben is a new species of computer programmer: one that paints in binary code and brings smiles to the faces of children with his invisible handiwork. His work can be seen in museums and attractions around the world. Ben’s most recent project, Audience Games, puts movie theatre audiences in control of the action on the silver screen.


Ben’s programming prowess can also be seen powering: numerous 5wits attractions in Boston, SPLASH! the world’s first fully-interactive fountain, interactive advertising in Times Square, and interactive preshow experiences for Walt Disney World’s Soarin’ attraction. His portfolio also showcases work for the World’s Fair for Kids, Playmotion!, and many others. Ben is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center and holds degrees in entertainment technology and computer science. Ben co-founded Next Generation Creative Group and continues to pioneer the coming revolution in interactive attractions.


Technology Director