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NGC Team

Next Generation Creative was founded in 2006 by graduates of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, a program recognized around the world for excellence in entertainment experience design.  Shortly after the success of their first project, the NGC team began to expand;

adding talent from a wide array of backgrounds including theater, architecture, television, and business communications.  Now staffed with the most exciting, and quite possibly craziest writers, designers and producers, we’re ready to tackle projects ranging from respectable to ridiculous.

Lenny Larsen

CEO/Executive Producer

Lenny Larsen is an experienced executive, passionate storyteller, skilled designer, and veteran producer creating compelling experiences around the world in every conceivable medium that entertain, inspire, and amaze. From theatrical spectaculars and multi-billion-dollar theme parks to children’s television and cutting-edge technological innovations; Lenny is responsible for the conception, design, and often the execution of nearly 100 projects in 27 different countries. Lenny brings experience in nearly every facet of the entertainment industry; executive leadership, creative direction, writing, hands-on design, in-field/on-set direction and production, research and development, project management, even on-stage performance and front-line theme park operations.

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Sam Malko

Project Producer/Director

Sam Malko is a gifted and prolific Los Angeles-based producer/director of television, commercials, documentaries, and music projects. At NGC, Sam plays a key role in developing media-driven projects. As the series director/co-creator of NGC’s upcoming children’s series “WHEN I GROW UP”, Sam is determined to advance the state-of-the-art in children’s media while impacting the lives of young people throughout the world.

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David Corbett

Executive Producer

David Corbett has held Senior Level Executive positions at Marvel; VP Production, Evening Sky Productions; CEO, Balmur Entertainment; Executive VP and Board of Directors and Hearst Entertainment where, as it’s President, oversaw the growth of the company from a startup to over $65 million in production revenue.  He has set up and run companies in major territories around the world; Canada, Europe, Asia, The Middle East, where as the Group Level Executive Director of Rubicon Entertainment, he secured deals for three feature films including Postman Pat, High in The Clouds, Paul McCartney’s first animated movie, multiple series including Pink Panther & Pals and the popular MEG toys product “Monster in My Pocket.”  

In addition David managed the digital media development and production of apps and games, and oversaw the startup and launch of the Themed Entertainment division.

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Mitch Russon

Communications Director

Mitch Russon holds a business communications degree from Brigham Young University and comes to the Next Generation Creative team with a history of successful endeavors in the creative entertainment and corporate marketing industries. With extensive experience on both the creative and the administrative sides of entertainment development, Mitch oversees the launch of new projects, manages clients and vendors, and supports projects as they move off the drawing board and into the field.

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Ben Buchwald

Technology Director

A modern day wizard with both hardware and software, Ben Buchwald is recognized throughout the industry as one of the best emerging technology developers in the business. Ben never misses an opportunity to create entertainment magic using cutting-edge technology. With the logic core of a computer and the heart of an artist, Ben is a new species of computer programmer: one that paints in binary code and brings smiles to the faces of children with his invisible handiwork. His work can be seen in museums and attractions around the world. Ben’s most recent project, Audience Games, puts movie theatre audiences in control of the action on the silver screen.

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Shirley J. Saldamarco

Consulting Producer

Shirley is an entrepreneur, a producer and an educator.  As President of Interactive Media Productions, the company she founded in 1982, she provides clients with Custom Broadcast and Non-broadcast Video Production, DVD and Intranet Training, Web-casting, Meeting Planning, Staging, Power-point Presentations, Video Walls, Computer Generated Graphics and Animation.  As an Independent Producer her projects include documentaries, public affairs programs, and special programming, which have aired on PBS, network and cable television.  She proudly displays a number of awards including an Emmy nomination, Matrix Award in Broadcast News and Documentary, Golden Cine, a Pennsylvania Cable Arts Network Award, an American Psychological Association Award, and several Telly Awards.

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Graham Hodgson

Architectural Designer

Graham Hodgson is a passionate architectural designer and concept artist with the heart of a futurist and entertainer. He earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. His wildly conceptual solutions to complex architectural challenges, coupled with his spirited presentations often drew sizable crowds to his critiques.
In all of his work, Graham seeks to “enlighten the Human spirit” – to bring to light in each person the energy and passion which stirs within their soul. Graham loves to induce wonder, awe, the joy of life, and even a laugh in all those he touches.

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Sam Miller

Project Writer

An up-and-coming young entertainment writer, Samuel Douglas Miller is a product of the screenwriting program at Columbia College in Chicago. Though he may be new to the Next Generation Creative team, Samuel brings extensive writing experience on projects ranging from film and television to theatre. As a child, he loved to tell stories; discovering his passion for writing, Samuel wrote and produced several short films and served as head writer for two major stage productions all before finishing high school.

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